DFW Airport Accessibility


There is ample parking reserved for the disabled in all parking lots. In the terminal garages, disabled parking is located on the first floor, making it easy to access the terminal entrances. Disabled permit long term parking is available even in one hour parking, as long as the vehicle displays a disabled parking tag or license plate. Disabled parking is available in all parking garages, express and remote lots. Due to TSA and height restrictions, some garages at certain terminals are not van accessible. Express and remote lots are served by shuttle buses equipped with wheelchair lifts. DFW Airport Valet parking is also available at the terminals.


DFW provides graphical paging in addition to audible paging for our guests who are hearing impaired. Visual paging is accessible by calling the Airport Operations Center at 972 973 3112

Public TTY Telephones

TTY telephones are located throughout all terminals. Signs are posted throughout the airport to identify these TTY equipped phones.


All restrooms are fully accessible. Unisex restrooms are also available throughout the terminals, next to men’s and women’s restrooms.

Service Animal Relief Areas

Service animals and pets must be on a leash at all times when visiting DFW Airport.

Remember that passengers must have boarding passes and ID for re-entry into the Airport. TSA checkpoints close at 10:00 p.m., so we advise you to plan accordingly.


Wheelchair services are provided by all air carriers upon request. Reservations are strongly recommended to ensure availability.

Wheelchair aid is also available at all airline ticket kiosks.

Security Restrictions

Security procedures at DFW restrict access in certain areas only to ticketed passengers. In appropriate cases, however, airlines may allow passengers to be accompanied by a health care aide or mobility assistant. In these situations, please alert the airline well ahead of flight time as to the accommodations that will be necessary to facilitate passenger mobility.