DFW Connecting Flights & Transfers

Connecting/transferring between flights is quick and easy at DFW International Airport. That’s because DFW has two connecting options.


Some features of these connections are: Inside security, High-speed train, Connects all five terminals, Average ride time less than five minutes, Two stations in each terminal, and Free Service. Below is the list of where Skylink connections are available:

  • Terminal A: Between A13 and A16 and between A29 and A34
  • Terminal B: Between B9 and B12 and between B28 and B31
  • Terminal C: Between C8 and C12 and between C27 and C32
  • Terminal D: Between D11 and D20 and between D24 and D34
  • Terminal E: Between E8 and E11 and between E31 and E32

Terminal Link

Some features of Terminal Link are: Outside security, Van service, Pick-up/ drop-off areas located outside bag claim areas of each terminal and Free Service.

Terminal Link's blue and green vans reach every 10 minutes and will have transference of you to a different terminal once exterior to security.

Chart the Terminal Link signs to reach the nearest pick-up/drop-off area:

  • Terminal A: Between A15 and A16 and between A25 and A26
  • Terminal B: Between B12 and B13 and at B23
  • Terminal C: Between C12 and C15 and between C24 and C27
  • Terminal D: At D17 and at D24
  • Terminal E: Between E9 and E13 and between E18 and E21